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Image Musical Theatre Company Visit

Our pupils were visited by professional actors from Image Musical Theatre Company who brought with them a magical adaptation of The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. This was a wonderful opportunity for all of our children to either perform on the stage as one of the actors in the production complete with costumes, or as part of the interactive audience communicating through singing and Makaton. As well as being able to experience live theatre as an audience member and performer, some of our pupils also experienced the technical side of theatre by helping to deconstruct the set in the form of scenery, media, props and costume. Over 20 pupils were involved in one way or another along with our amazing staff and our performers demonstrated excellent skills in acting and teamwork. Our visiting artists were so impressed that they have offered to return next year with a new show so until then we will continue to nurture and train our budding stars of tomorrow in our Creative Arts lessons.

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