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Blog - What makes our school stand out from the crowd?

Quite simply, it’s our personal approach!

Visitors to our school have said that from the minute they stepped in the door, they were warmly received and welcomed by our team and our pupils. Our strong sense of a school community radiates through our approaches to each pupil, to their families, to the school team and to all professionals.

Our approach to education starts with making sure that each pupil’s talents and interests are valued, and that their needs are met through developing an in depth understanding of their past school and life experiences. Our curriculum promotes the development of Cognitive Knowledge, Emotional Wellbeing and Functional Skills. First and foremost, we support our pupils’ emotional wellbeing as a foundation for learning as a whole.

We have developed three Curriculum Pathways for our pupils: Learning How to Learn, Participating in Learning, Independent Learning. These pathways aim to meet our pupils’ ability to engage in learning and to encourage them to develop a love for learning. Our approaches to learning follow personalised learning pathways that recognise our pupils’ unique and changing learning patterns.

All our pupils have Education, Health and Care Plans and can be described as presenting conditions which coexist, overlap and interlock creating a complex profile. Our pupils present a combination of layered needs which relate to various areas ranging from cognition, communication, relationships, sensory, emotional, physical health, mental health. Many of our pupils are described as ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) or SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs). We have pupils aged 5 to 16 years.

Our Foundation pupils follow the EYFS which approaches adapted to their needs focused on developing communication and interaction skills. Our Primary pupils follow the National Curriculum adapted to their needs with a strong focus on Reading. Our Secondary pupils follow the National Curriculum adapted to their needs with a strong focus on developing skills towards achieving qualifications and preparing them for adult life.

We value our pupils views and encourage them to share their interests and bring requests to us through the School’s Council or at any point in the school day.

We welcome parental and carer input and engagement in school life. This starts with our sensitive and detailed support during the initial transition process when pupils join the school. We have monthly Coffee Mornings for parents and carers which offer an informal and friendly opportunity for parents to share information, meet staff and meet each other.

If after reading the above you would like to find out more about Fountain Head House School, please visit, email or call 01752 853891.

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