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Blog - Optional school uniform at Fountain Head

As many of our children are on the autistic spectrum, it is very common for pupils that attend our school to have sensory issues meaning that they may find certain fabrics, seams, labels etc uncomfortable and distracting.

Many parents and carers note during the transition process to our school, that their son or daughter has particular pieces of clothing that they wear consistently, and find it difficult to deviate from these. They may have favourite colours, fabrics, shapes/styles which can really limit your school uniform options. What children with sensory issues choose to wear may not always seem appropriate for the occasion or weather, but it's what works for them.

Although we do have a uniform at Fountain Head House School, we have chosen to make it optional. If children are happy to wear it, then great. However, we would much prefer that children were attending school regularly in something they feel comfortable in, rather than feeling uncomfortable and distracted all day in a uniform. Even worse, trying to force a child with sensory issues to wear a uniform may cause battles in the morning when getting ready for school and mean that children find getting dressed for school so stressful that they refuse to attend school as a result.

As a school, we are actively reducing barriers to learning for our pupils every day, and allowing children to attend school in clothes that make them feel happy, safe and able to focus on the day ahead of them, is just one of the ways we seek to do this.

It is great to see that some of the high street and supermarket retailers are now producing uniform options for children with sensory issues.

If after reading the above you would like to find out more about Fountain Head House School, please visit, email or call 01752 853891.

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