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Blog - Christmas time for children with sensory issues

The upcoming festive period can be full of fun and excitement but it can also bring sensory challenges for those with sensory integration or sensory processing differences.

Your local area may suddenly be filled with different smells, twinkling lights, sparkling decorations, carol singers and Father Christmas, all of which can be a bit overwhelming. Ear defenders, headphones, fidget toys and even sunglasses to the rescue!

The recent drop in temperature meaning heavier, more restrictive layers can also be a struggle for those with sensitivities around clothing and fabrics. Perhaps try a hat with a peak instead of a bobble hat to reduce vision, ear muffs or a hooded jumper to cover ears and eyes, a soft fleece jumper instead of scratchy wool or long sleeves with thumb holes instead of gloves?

The lead up to Christmas at school often includes a number of celebrations which deviate from the normal timetable. At Fountain Head House School, we take into consideration how the changes in the environment and timetable might affect our pupils. The pupils are included in the process of decorating the classroom step by step.

Our teachers and Therapy Team work together to strike the right balance between make the period leading up to the holidays fun and taking into account the pupils sensory processing needs. If you feel that your child has specific differences which the we might not be aware of, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Decorating your home together at Christmas time is something that many parents and carers look forward to, but Christmas scents, candles and flashing fairy lights can be overwhelming too. Try gradually introducing decorations to the environment, try to respect any strong opinions or preferences that your child may have, and ensure that certain areas remain decoration-free to maintain a calming, more familiar space that they can retire to.

Don't forget that it's totally fine to do something different if you want to, let Christmas be about what works for you and your family.

If after reading the above you would like to find out more about Fountain Head House School, please visit, email or call 01752 853891.

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