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New indoor gym helps Saltash SEN pupils build a foundation for life

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Indoor gym

Fountain Head House School, a co-educational school for children with special education needs based in Saltash, has opened up a new indoor gym area within the school building for pupils to enjoy, as part of a targeted positive behaviour support approach for secondary aged pupils.

The newly-installed gym area includes a rowing machine, exercise bike, pull-up bars, cross-trainer and punch bag, which has meant that pupils have also been able to start boxercise sessions.

The boxercise sessions allow pupils to enjoy a combination of cardio and resistance training, with punch pads and fast feet moves encouraging a whole body workout. Boxercise workouts are designed to boost moods and increase energy levels, improve hand-eye coordination, balance and timing, and release endorphins to help combat stress and anxiety.

As well as learning how to use the gym equipment safely and correctly, pupils are also learning about the importance of exercise, how exercise can positively impact your body and mind, and how combining exercise with other healthy lifestyle choices, such as a healthy diet, can lead to improved outcomes.

Headteacher, Thereza de Lucca, said: “Physical exercise has a huge range of benefits for young people. As well as increasing fitness and building strength and flexibility, regular exercise supports brain development, helps children to form new friendships and encourages creative expression.”

Thereza added: “The gym sessions are helping to build the self-confidence of our pupils, and are a great way to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mental health generally. We hope that our pupils will feel inspired by these sessions in the gym, and that this is something they will then continue throughout their adult lives ”.

For more information about Fountain Head House School, please visit, email Thereza.DeLucca@fhhschools.comor call 01752 853891.

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