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Fountain Head proud to become a trauma informed school

Thereza de Lucca, Headteacher at Fountain Head House School, a co-educational school for children with special education needs based in Saltash, is delighted to be leading the way on how to better support pupils, by introducing the trauma-informed approach for the school.

Trainers Vicky Brooks, a Network Coordinator for The Trauma Informed Network Plymouth, and Sarah Cox, an independent social worker who leads on the inclusion and resilience branch of the network, delivered a insightful training package to staff at the school which included: understanding of what trauma is, how to recognise the signs, and what effect it can have on children, their families and their wider communities.

Headteacher Thereza de Lucca said: “It is important to recognise that trauma can result from situations experienced over a long period of time or from one single impactful event. This can have a huge lasting effect on one’s health and wellbeing. By developing our understanding of trauma, we can support our pupils to develop resilience.”

Thereza added: “By building our new knowledge of a trauma informed approach into our every day working practice, we can help our pupils to build resilience, and develop readiness for and enjoyment in learning. Helping our pupils to build trusting relationships will give them the tools to reflect on and overcome their experiences. Becoming a Trauma Informed School supports us in making our school's guiding principle – together we grow and shine – a reality”.

For more information about Fountain Head House School, please visit, email or call 01752 853891.

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