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Art installation at Saltash school honours those who lost their lives

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Remebrance Day art installation

Pupils from Fountain Head House School, a co-educational SEN school for children with special education needs based in Saltash, have created an art installation for all pupils, staff and visitors to enjoy, in honour of those members of the armed forces, emergency services and volunteers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Situated on the fence at the main entrance to the school building, the piece features poppies that have been made by children from across all year groups, and attached to a camouflage net that was very kindly donated to the school by Footsteps of Discovery, a group of ex-military personnel who now run a series of survival and bushcraft courses across the region.

Headteacher, Thereza de Lucca, said: “As part of our school’s PSHE curriculum, pupils have taken part in a series of activities in the lead up to Remembrance Day. Each class approached this topic in different ways to meet the level of understanding of our pupils, with a focus on remembering and celebrating the lives of those who fought tirelessly for peace and the right to freedom. At Fountain Head House School, we will remember them”.

For more information about Fountain Head House School, please visit, email or call 01752 853891.

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